Wasssgood, Good Good Philippines

After a tiring day from waiting and standing in a long (endless) line at PLDT. We finally got our internet connection back. So I think we deserve some milktea reward for this effort. Imagine we were standing there for almost 5 freaking hrs. and no chairs by the way, definitely you need to stand just to accommodate your concern for only 5 mins. Very good PLDT.

I want to go home immediately because I know that the traffic would be insane because it was raining cats and dogs. I avoided this rush hour by driving to some short cut roads.

And then I got lost.

I ended up here at Scout Tobias, Quezon City. I was also thirsty by that time luckily, I found this Scout Tobias milktea heaven.

This is GoodGood Philippines a milktea brand originated from Taiwan, their branches are located at:

☁️ Sct. Tobias cor. Sct. Fuentebella, QC

☁️Sta. Maria Bulacan

☁️333 Maysilo, Mandaluyong City

☁️Pioneer Shaw, Pasig City

☁️949 Banawe St, QC

☁️ Corinthian Executive Regency, Ortigas

They also have different variety of drinks such as Milkteas, Fruit Teas, Chocolate Drinks, Smoothies and juices.

As a self-proclaim milktea monster, I ordered their best seller drinks. Now, let’s rate them.

Double B

Froggy’s favorite Double B, a drink that has youthful flavor in it. It is milky and sweet because of the generous amount of brown sugar. The bobas are perfectly cooked. Just don’t forget to mix it well and you’ll be fine with it.

Triple B

My favorite, Triple B with extra cream cheese, you can drink by mixing it or drink it from the top, I prefer the latter. I love the good mix of cream cheese and milktea plus the brown sugar is not overpowering.

Chocolatemilk with cream cheese

Chocolatemilk with cream cheese is your OG chocolate drink. This drink has a frothy cream cheese that balance out the sweetness of chocolate milk. There’s also a hint of dark chocolate.

Sunset Tea

Sunset Tea is a fruit tea made with grape fruit with a strong refreshing tangy taste. Perfect drink for our elderly family.

Strawberry Blonde

Now if you are someone who’s watching his weight Strawberry Blonde is a slushy drink that is perfect for you. Made out of strawberry, orange and passion fruit. This drink has a sweetness coming from the fresh strawberry and a hint of sour from the orange plus you’ll never get bored drinking this because of the crunchy seeds of passion fruits.

I think what Goodgood Philippines puts them to other level is because of their wide selection of drink, as in wide, wide enough that your grandma and baby brother can also have their drinks. Aside from that they only use natural ingredients which makes their drinks so Good and healthy!

Operating Hours:

⏰ 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Order via FB/IG:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/goodgoodph/

IG: https://instagram.com/goodgoodphilippines

They are also available in all food services such as lalafood, foodpanda, grab food. So what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to tag me and Goodgood Philippines if you tried it.

That’s it for this post I’ll talk you soon ❤️



Thank You For Visiting Tonight

I haven’t posted any personal matter since I moved back to this platform well now I do want to share.

It was how many years (I lost my count) since I lost my dear grandmother and since then I wanted to dream of her but nothing happened. A lot of my cousins dreamed of her already and I kinda feel sad because I was very close to her also but she didn’t appear in my rare moment of dream not until this night.

Our last photo 🥺

In my dream, my beau and I were arguing on which fastfood chain we will eat. He wanted something lavish but the frugal in me was fighting for less expensive food so we can save some money but I can’t force him so the frustrated me decided to sit at the corner beside the doorway while my beau is at the counter ordering our meal.

Then an old lady passed by the doorway and I almost didn’t recognize her. I just recognized her back. All of a sudden I realized it’s her!

That was her!

I run after her and hugged her tightly, as if there’s no tomorrow. And I said “I almost didn’t recognized you”. She smiled and said “What’s your problem?” like a caring grandmother to her grandchild, without any inhibitions I told you how tired and unhappy I’m. And like always she hugged me tightly as well and said “It’s okay, cry it out loud.” and so did I.

I cried.

A lot.

I cried everything to her.

I told her how I miss her so much.

And I cry evenmore.

Then my beau wake me up because I was crying too loud.

In my dream, she was real. She was walking without the crane. Oh I missed her scent. I used to love her scent and tell her how amazing her scent was. I missed that warm hugs. That genuinely warm hugs. That was my comfort zone whenever I feel bad or lonely.

Moreover, I miss you Mamang. Your whole presence.

Thank you for visiting me tonight. Thank you for lifting me up again as I don’t know were am I. I know I’m lost and make bad decisions all these time. Thank you for somehow enlightening my heavenly aching soul.

I’m writing this as fresh and as vividly in my mind. Still crying. At the top of the morning.

MUST TRY: Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie By The Fet Boys

Hello Majecians!

Recently, I had a Q&A night with my followers over Instagram and one of the questions that’s been asked was “How are you coping up with this lockdown?” and there are a lot of interesting questions that you guys asked and deserve a blog but for know I’ll answer this.

To answer this, I mostly do cleaning, creative make-up although I’m not going anywhere, reading a book so far I finished 3 books, watching Netflix series or movies, cooking and eating. Right now, I’m obsessed with cookies. As in, I can finish eating the whole box in span of 3 mins. I already tried eating different cookies around the metro just to find the perfect cookie match for me and I think I found it. So lucky you my cookie monsters I’ll share my tea love for cookie with you.

This is the Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie. It is made of chocolate chip goodness, walnuts, and chunky chewy cookie all rolled into one. People who don’t like too much sweetness will enjoy this because it’s not too sweet either. The sweetness is just right that even diabetics can eat a piece of this.

BTW, did I mentioned that people from Singapore loves this? well, I don’t know about you but I want my cookie to be in the right kind of sweetness and the said cookie gave that satisfaction feeling. Perfect for this gloomy weather, this big cookie paired with warm milk feels like tranquillity state.

The creator of these huge cookies are the Fet Boys. They are twins Karl and Kirk though Kirk is the one who bakes all the time. The Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie is his creation and this comes in GIANT and regular size. When I say it’s a GIANT cookie, I mean it.

If you would like to experience being hugged by a warm cookie, message the Fet Boys on their Facebook Page. If you’re not ready to take in the giant version, order the regular version. Make sure you order at least a dozen because everyone who ordered only 6 pieces ordered another dozen after just one bite.

Just Saying.

Anyway talk to you soon.




021 Maker Space Dream Incubator is the newest and largest coworking space and business incubator that will soon open at the heart of Binondo. The said coworking space is owned by 021 Group OPC. Located at 8th floor of Co Ban Kiat II Building along Juan Luna Street, Binondo.

The Co Ban Kiat II Building previously known as S.J Building named after American Navy expatriate Samuel J. Wilson was built during Pre-War period. It was one of the historical structures in Binondo. As this building used to be the headquarters of the Manila Stock Exchange and other prominent companies and firms such as Standard and Chartered Bank, the Japanese Consulate General’s office, Bank of America, Sun life of Canada, Phil Am Life Insurance, France Consulate, Switzerland Consulate and more.
The 021 Maker Space coworking and incubator would occupy over 836 square meters of space. That’s 170 rentable private workstations, coworking desks, meeting rooms, nursery rooms, phone booths with ample area for sitting and events venue. The said company also offers competitive rates that would cater not only for startup companies but to the companies of all size as well may it be freelancers, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, influencers and even to students.
What is the edge of 021 Maker Space with other coworking spaces? 
For startups and new business Venture Capital is a form of  private equity and a type of financing that investors provide to startups companies and small business that are believed to have long-term potential. So if an entrepreneur has a brilliant idea it often needs a business funding in order to grow and investors may offer a venture capital investment in exchange for a percentage return. And that’s where 021 Maker Space comes in, it will serve as a bridge between the Entrepreneur and Capital Investors and will help with the incubation of promising companies, countless startup businesses and turning them into multinational giants. Hence, with the creation of the incubator named 021 Maker Space it will turn ventures from zero to one.   
Aside from modern and elegantly furnished coworking space, 021 Maker Space will be offering the following services to its clients:
  • Private Offices
  • Coworking Dedicated Desk and Hot Desk
  • Virtual Office 
  • Meeting Rooms and Event Space
  • Wifi 6 Connectivity with Up to 1 GBPS high internet speed
  • Cozy lounges and Sitting Area
  • Phone Booths
  • Wellness Room
  • Professional / Business Events
  • Community Events
  • Round the Clock Cleaning Team
  • Complimentary Refreshments


It is indeed very challenging to open a coworking space in the current situation, but the owners of 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator believe that despite this pandemic, coworking is still the future on how people will work and that capital venture can have a huge contribution to the country’s economic growth.

There are many companies that have asked their employees to work remotely and this kind of setup is expected to grow. At the same time, there are a lot of entrepreneurs and startups with amazing business plans who are not afraid to commence their venture and take risks even during this challenging situation. The 021 Maker Space have the potential to provide vital business services to startup businesses and support the remote workforce closer to where they are now.


If you are a startup that is looking for capital resources for your amazing idea, please come and pitch your business plan. They have formed alliances with investors and venture capitalists that support the startup ecosystem. Also, if you are an Investor looking to invest on a startup, they can connect you to entrepreneurs with great growth potential.

Reserve your space NOW while there are still spaces to choose from at 021 Maker Space!

For inquiries, contact: 0917 1111 921 or email: admin@021makerspace.com

Visit their website: https://021makerspace.com/

Follow on social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/021MakerSpace
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/021makerspace/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/021Maker
LinkedIn: https://ph.linkedin.com/company/021makerspace
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWMqtkExhZAJ0H5HA6qrehg

SPECtacular Review FT. Firmoo Optical

Hello Majecians,

One of my must have item in my purse was my eyeglasses, it’s like an extended part of my body because without this everything that surrounds me are mostly blurred. I was one of those people who are blessed and born with perfect vision however, as I grow older my eyesight started to deteriorate due to reading books at night, watching TV, always using a computer and a lot more. I was eighteen when I first wore my eyeglasses and being a self confess kikay I know that my eyeglasses will not affect my whole outfit.

Let’s just say life is too short to wear boring eyeglasses.


Since then a lot of people would compliment me because of my eyeglasses frames, often times they thought it  was cute fake but as soon as I explain to them that this is a prescription glasses they were like “That’s cool” and later they have the same style of specs as mine. That’s why I’m so happy when FIRMOO OPTICAL tap me to do this collaboration.



Firmoo is your one-stop optical destination for customized eyewear services and professional prescription advice. Founded in 2009 by a group of opticians and designers on the belief that eyewear should be trendy, not spendy, they grew from the desire to give everyone around the world the convenience of receiving professional eyecare at an affordable price.


Now let’s talk about the frame that I’ve got.

For this collaboration I choose this silver vintagey style of eyeglass with hoops at the bottom making it more modern, sleek and at the same time sophisticated. I just wish that they make the hoops at the bottom smaller other than that I’m quite sold.

BTW this frame is called FLOM1813 (C2) in case you want to check that out.


When it comes on wearing it, I love the fact that it was lightweight, sturdy and didn’t hurt the back of my ears, nose and head. It was big enough that you could wear falsies or eyelash extension underneath it and you won’t have to worry of destroying your extensions.


How to place an order?

    1. Go to their website http://www.firmoo.com
    2. Signup
    3. Choose your preferred frame. (Non-prescription or Prescription) *For Prescription Eyeglasses: You need to provide your Eye Grade, Axis and Pupilliary Distance. If you don’t know your prescription script ask your eye doctor it’s free*
    4. Payment. They offer Debit and Credit Card
    5. Check out


Overall rating: 19/20 stars
Frame style: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Affordability: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Durability: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Customer Service: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Check out firmoo’s website: www.firmoo.com
Frame style: FLOM1813(c2) https://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-5743.html

❗️Use my 50% discount code if you plan to purchase at firmoo: 50NEXT (valid until Dec.31,2020)❗️





What skills did you unlocked in this time of pandemic?

I must say I’m very proud that I’ve unlocked my cooking skills during this time and gain some weight. Lol.

Baking was my resort for keeping me sane inside our house for almost 3 months. I’ve tried baking the oh-so-trending Ube Cheese Pandesal, Baked sushi, cookies, even dalgona which gives me some muscles btw, hahaha. Been there, done that. But my favorite is this. Mugcake.

A little back story, celebrating your birthday during this Quarantine Season sucks (well as for a normal Filipino perspective) it’s because you can’t really go outside, eat outside or even shop. This is not the time for leisure, I know. So my plan was to bake my own cake but when I went to the bake shops all of the ingredients we’re sold out. And for my other option, mugcake to the rescue.

Now here are the ingredients:

✨Bingo Double Chocolate

✨Fresh Milk

✨Ice Cream

Procedures with measurement : (By Popular Demand)

1️⃣Put 8 pieces of bingo cookie sandwich in the cup.

2️⃣Add the fresh milk until halfway of the mug.

3️⃣Mash up the said ingredients until it looks like a dirt 😂. Yup you read it right 😉.

4️⃣Preheat the oven to 150F.

5️⃣Bake in the oven for 3-5 minutes. Insert a toothpick test, when it’s clean, your mugcake it ready.

6️⃣ Remove from the tray, let it cool. Put some ice cream on top, drizzle some chocolate syrup and for the finishing effect sprinkle some crushed Bingo cookies. Enjoy 💖

Hey you, check out my Tiktok 😉.

This food becomes my instant comfort food. Aside from it’s very easy to make and affordable. Imagine this mugcake cost like 24 Php, I know right. And if you have tine to recreate this just don’t forget to tag on my Instagram. If you have suggestions on what food should I try next, just leave a comment below.



Hotel Sogo unlocks the new normal

Hi Dear,

This is the last day of ECQ or Enhance Community Quarantine (as of writing this) how are you feeling? I hope you are doing fine, I’d been doing a lot of videos, binge watching some Korean Dramas, reading books lately, aside from doing my work at home I rarely went outside because it’s scorching hot and I don’t have QPass (hahaha)  I guess these were my new normal.
Speaking of new normal, the last time we’ve talked about Hotel Sogo was when they are being not just so clean, so good but also so generous by providing shelters for our frontliners (let’s give them around of applause to that!) but aside form that they are now leaping to the new normal as part of their So clean, So Good, So Safe campaign under the Sogo Safe Program that aims to secure the safety of its employees and guests.
Now let’s talk about that.

 Hotel Sogo launches the features of their new normal

For Hotel here are their innovative ways to fight Covid 19.
  • Uniforms of hotel staff are redesigned to incorporate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Temperature screening and disinfection mats upon entering the hotel.
  • Social distancing in front desk.
  • Installation of protective acrylic glass panel in front desk.
  • Social distancing with markers and limit of persons in elevators.
  • Hand Sanitizers in common areas.
  • Contactless hotel features (doors and elevators).
  • UVC light treatment is also modified in elevator consoles,  door handles, keycard cases, cash register and food preparation.

Good job to this one because for those of you who don’t know studies show that the use of UVC, with wavelengths between 200 and 270 nanometre (nm), can kill microbes, germs, bacteria and viruses. This has been adopted since use of UVC is done in recent years and is also used in disinfecting hospitals as UVC kills pathogens and microorganisms.  In addition, I’ve seen a lot of videos about how will you know that your Hotel room is clean (I know it may sound weird but nope I’m not OC I’m just curious) and one of it was to place it under UV Light because you can detect all the germs when it was place under UV Light and I’m glad that Hotel Sogo did this because you can sleep peacefully knowing that your room was germ free. 

  • Constant disinfection in all amenities is also implemented.
  • No-contact facilities from lobby doors to toilet fixtures thru installing foot door opener and foot-controlled dispenser.
  •  Hotel Sogo Mobile app is also up for contact tracing.

  • Hotel Sogo has created newly designed giveaways for the guests such as no contact keys and sanitizers. No-contact key serves as a tool in touching common objects like door handles, elevator buttons, and ATMs.

As for Corporate Office:

The said hotel implemented the followings:
  • Temperature checks upon entering the office. 
  • Hand sanitizers in common areas. 
  • Limit to number of people using the elevator. 
  • Social distancing in workplace and in crowded areas like canteen.
  • Provision of multivitamins to employees.



To know more about Hotel Sogo here are the links of their Social Medias:
And if you have time to visit the said hotel don’t forget to use their hashtags #HereAtSogoHotel #DahilMahalKitaGustoKoSafeKa #SoCleanSoGoodSoSafe.
 Stay safe and always wash your hands, talk to you soon ❤


In difficult times like this all we need to do is to pray and help one another, in line with this Hotel Sogo has recently allocated 857 free rooms to our healthcare workers, which cost about Php 60 million in coordination with 11 hospital directors and various City Mayors. 
Upholding the “So clean, So good” tagline the management remains vigilant in improving its cleaning and sanitation protocols for the safety of the staff and frontliners as well. The hotels placed hand sanitizers at all access points and social distancing is also implemented. The said hotel will make sure that our dear frontliners will experience a clean and healthy facilities along with excellent hotel services. 
“We don’t want our health workers to just sleep in the hospital corridors after long shifts, as they have nowhere else to go. We want them to have a safe and nice place to stay, that’s why we offering our hotels for them. Frontliners have shown selfless commitment and risk their lives everyday, they deserve more than this.”  said Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo, Marketing Manager.
Who would have thought that despite of the taboo connotation of its name, they have a heart to reach out and help our brave frontliners. Salute SoGo.
To find out more about this and other Hotel Sogo’s campaigns, visit their website at HOTEL SOGO or like and follow their Facebook Page @HotelSogoOfficial, Twitter and Instagram @Hotelsogo.


Susubukan ko muling magsulat,
ang malunod sa mga salitang
minsa’y naging daan upang
panandaliang makalimot
sa pait ng kahapon.

Susubukan ko muling sumulat
gamit ang mga plumang
naipon sa garapon,
ang mga papel na niluma na ng panahon.

Muli kong bubuhayin ang mga boses
na waring nagtatalo sa kung ano mang letra ang ilalapat
sa aking lumang-bagong papel.

Minsan ko ng kinalimutan ang maligaw
sa agos ng mga ideyang na isa-isa ibinabato ng mga tinig sa isip ko.
Unti-unti kong kinalimutan ang mga simpleng bagay
na nakakapagpasaya sa puso ko.

Dahan dahan nawala.

Dahan dahan nalumbay.

Hanggang sa hindi ko na kilala kung sino itong babae sa salamin.
“Ako ba ito o ibang tao?”
Alam kong hindi sya masaya.
Alam kong hirap na hirap na sya.
Kailangan nya ng kausap.
Kailangan na nyang bumangon sa matagal na pagpapahinga.

Muling mangangarap.

Muling susubok.


An Australian drinking yogurt brand is now open here in the Philippines. KOOMI NATURAL DRINKING YOGURT serves healthy yogurt drink, perfect to replace your sinful milktea and frappe.
Koomi Philippines invited us to try their products yesterday at 5th floor The Podium. 
So here is the menu, all of these drinks are very natural even the sinkers are also healthy. For as low as 120 php. you can have a healthy-yummy-drink.
Photo Credit to: Fried and Prejudice
Aside from choosing what flavor of drink you want to try you can also customize it.
  • For Aussie blend – You’ll have a strong yogurt base (I recommend this one)
  • For Filipino blend – It’s more of a creamy and milder yogurt base.

They also use honey as a natural sweetener.
Now, let’s talk about the taste.
On my left hand I was holding the KOOMI signature: Stick-On-Me Purple Rice. This in particular drink reminds me of a Mango sticky rice from Thailand. Or if I will put it into our Filipino tastebuds it’s like a rice cake (kakanin) soak in milk. This drink will make you feel full easily because of the purple rice as a sinker.
If you are craving for a healthier brown sugar-ish drink BOOPIN’ BOBA is for you. This drink is compose of concentrated yogurt, the trendy brown sugar syrup and ofcourse boba as sinker.
WHY NOT COCONUT is another distinctive flavor from the brand. It has a combination of yogurt, activated charcoal (which is btw, good for digestion) and coconut.  
WATERBERRY WONDER this one is more on tropical drink, it has watermelon, chucks of strawberries and yogurt. 

For the ambiance, the color combination pink and violet is cute, plus the neon light perfect for your #Drinkfie but the space is decent enough to accommodate buying customers.
A lot of customers were line up to buy their KOOMI DRINKS.
Overall, I will recommend this drink specially if you are looking into your diet and you want to lessen your consumption of MILKTEAS. On the other hand, you may finish this whole cup without feeling guilty #GuiltnessGoodness as what they’ve said.
Location: 5F The Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Store hours: Opens at 11Am until 10PM
Other Locations: Robinsons Magnolia, Eastwood Mall, and SM Mall of Asia
PROMO:OK! Bring your own Kup and get Php 5 OFF on your Koomi yogurt drink.
To know more about Koomi, folllow them in their Social Media Accounts: